Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jack Russell "Tear-er"

Look at what my Cookie did. I'm fortunate it's only two pieces. I could change one for a new piece at the bank. The bank staff's eyes were sprung wide opened when she saw the badly mutilated second piece - "Wah, what happened to it?!" she enquired very curiously. Embarrassed, I replied "Oh you know, it's my dog." Haha. She's not sure if it could be changed. She'll checked and revert.

Despite all these, I can never bring myself to be angry with her (or Queenie). I love them both. : )


auntie p said...

Aiyo, Cookie, you think money grown on bones is it? :P

Celeste, did you manage to change both notes at the bank? So, any bank will do it?

Celeste Lock said...

Hi auntie p, I managed to exchanged one. The other, the bank has to check and let me know. : )

Victor Tabbycat said...

A new twist on "The dog ate my homework!" Yea, I notice Bonnie an I get away wif stuff Mom would nefur put up wif from the boy. It's good to be a pet! :-)