Monday, June 26, 2006

Remember Yoyo?

Going to be 5 months old.

This is a recent pic of Yoyo who was found with a dislocated pelvis as a very young kitten in Apr 06. Look at how much she has grown under foster mummy's loving care. Besides surgery for the dislocated pelvis, Yoyo is also unfortunate to have gone through a second surgery to amputate one of her toes from an accident at home. Though she has been through so much at such tender age of 2 months, Yoyo remains cheerful, playful and optimistic. She is looking for a good forever home to go to (we sincerely hope she need not go back to the harsh streets anymore since she has already suffered so much). Foster mummy has another cat with long-term illness to care for and is unable to keep Yoyo with her. Yoyo is now healthy, litterbox-trained and is sterilised.

Brief sequence of events:-

11 Apr - Found limping badly. Very frightened and hid in an aircon compressor compartment and refuse to emerge. Her age is estimated to be around 2 months old.

12 Apr - G managed to find her lying in the middle of the street.

13 Apr - Visited the vet who informed us that Yoyo has a dislocated pelvis. Surgery required asap.

15 Apr - Surgery.

17 Apr - Discharged from the vet. Physiotherapy required daily (administered by kind foster mummy, G).

27 Apr - Follow up consultation.

7 May - Undergone 2nd surgery to amputate her injured toe from an accident. Sterilised at the same time.

Do you have a little extra room in your heart to share with Yoyo?

Yoyo has been through a harsh and painful "childhood". Can she need not go back to the streets?

True love does not despise how one looks or lacks.

Can you give Yoyo her happily ever after?

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Yoyo's story

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