Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In memory of Tiffy

** This section is dedicated specially to dear Tiffy & the ever wonderful 5-Cat Style. 5-Cat Style, you have done your best. You've been the best foster mummy Tiffy could ever have. **

TODAY is a very very sad day.


You'll be dearly and sorely missed

RIP Tiffy

5-Cat Style lost lovely Tiffy.

I cried. I felt sad. I felt angry. I felt disappointed. I felt like bashing M's dad up. I felt like screaming into his face and giving him as many slaps as my hand could manage. I share 5-Cat Style's grief and sorrow. Tiffy lost her young innocent life as a result of irresponsible pet ownership. I am totally disgusted with irresponsible pet owners. It is the owner's fault if his or her pet is urinating or defecating inappropriately (in Tiffy's case). Blaming the pet for not being intelligent or not being capable of learning, in my opinion, is the lamest excuse one could ever conjure. I've said this before and I'm still preaching this - pet ownership is a lifetime of responsibility. Your pet stays with you, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health. It is utterly important to consider carefully before you commit. Pet ownership is more than just playing and having fun and keeping you company when you are lonely.

Tiffy was such a sweet kitten. She could have easily found another home with her good looks. Why didn't M's dad give Tiffy a chance to find another home? Why did he send her to her death? How could something so terrible happened to her? Why did things go so wrong? So many "why" and "how" but any answers provided will now be useless - Tiffy is never going to come back.

Tiffy now joins Velvet, Tango, Cotton, Dim Sum, Fudge, Fussypot, Wei-wei and many others in a very wonderful place, a place where they would never be unwanted and abandoned, a place where they will never be injured or sick, a place filled with love and happiness - the Rainbow Bridge.

Tiffy will be dearly and sorely missed by those who loved her.

Take care 5-Cat Style. Rest in peace Tiffy.


Eunice Yeo said...

I still cannot imagine why Melissa's dad wld go to this extreme. I truly believe the problem has been going on for some time and there is definitely some procrastination involved in facing the problem which i think i better not comment any further. Im just waiting to read 5cat's blog tonight if she updates n learn the full story & truth.

lambj said...

I'm am saddened by Tiffy's fate, as well. Pets everywhere have the misfortune to get caught in the middle of "domestic problems". I know two women whose dogs were killed after each left her husband. The men killed these beautiful animals to spite the wives. Some people can't or won't leave abusive relationships because they believe their pets would be in danger. I took in a cat left homeless by divorce. People work so hard to hurt each other and it's even worse to involve an animal. Poor, poor Tiffy. Hug your pets tonight; I know I will hug mine. Bonnie won't like it, but I'm gonna hug her anyway.

Moglee said...

Dear Celest

I am glad you have a made a tribute to Tiffy. I don't have a blog and I hope someone will have one.

I share you thot.

PS: I am happy to see Pixie so happy in her new home.

Celeste Lock said...

Lambj: I did hug my pets that very night. As I did, my heart started to ache all over again for Tiffy & for 5-Cat Style. Some humans are just so inhuman but I am sure that one day, these people will reap what they sow. Tiffy was such a gorgeous little girl. She'll remain in our hearts.

Moglee: Thanks. I thought that was the least I could do. I hope Tiffy can feel our sadness & well wishes here on earth for her. Indeed, Pixie is lucky for her dad & mum loves her very much.

Cat said...

I beg to differ - it is not entirely the pet owner's fault if his/her pet urinates or defecates inappropriately.

Kittens take time to train. Like humans, some are fast learners & some are slow. They will learn at their own pace.

It takes time & patience to toilet train a kitten.

Celeste Lock said...

Oh...what I intend to mean is that it will be the owner's fault if he/she did not allow time & patience for the kitten to learn to eliminate appropriately. This is why I quoted "(in Tiffy's case)". THE DAD didn't even give enough time, patience and chance to Tiffy. Hence I said it was his fault. Hope this clarifies. = )

=^..^= said...

Thanks for the photo remembrance of sweet Tiffy and for your support, Celeste! All of you have been very supportive and it means very much to 5-Cs and I. It is such friendship and love that help us all get through the toughest times, and this time no less. :)

Keep safe and my prayers back to you and your lovely feline family!

~The Flyer

=^..^= said...

Thank you for such a sweet tribute to little Tiffy, Celeste. I hope she is finally safe and warm and happy at the Bridge.

I hope she can watch over Gucci from where is she... and I hope she can forgive me for getting her to too late.

I'm so sorry, Tiffy, I couldn't get to you in time. I'm very very sorry.

~5-Cat Style

Zeus said...

I have to agree with you, Celeste, when you say that pet ownership is for life. You can't rid yourself of a responsibility that you signed up for by simply dropping your pet off in some foreign neighborhood hoping someone will pick it up or by, in this case, going to have the pet put to sleep. I wish more people would take this approach before purchasing animals because many more hearts and lives would be spared.

-Marina, Zeus and Isis' owner