Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Meet Jovi


Meet Jovi, a new tabby cat I met last evening around my estate. Very affectionate and friendly girl, even to a complete stranger like me! Tried following me after her dinner. I had to play hide and seek in order to get home. Hope she'll stay put so I can feed her regularly and of course, eventually sterilise her.

Also, there is this dog (local breed/medium size) who appeared at my estate area for the past few days. I strongly suspect that she may have gotten lost or was abandoned. I made this deduction based on the fact that she loiters this area for a few days already. I tried to feed her last evening after Jovi but she wouldn't come near though she knew I was calling her. Not a bad thing as well, in case someone wants to hurt her. I called the groomer (a very nice lady with 10 dogs herself) at my area to help look out for this dog. I'll also try and feed her if I can. She looks lean, not skinny yet. I hate to think how hungry she must be (if she hasn't eaten for these few days)!


cat_aunty said...

Welcome back!

Celeste Lock said...

Thanks cat_aunty! Nice to be in touch again. = )