Sunday, June 11, 2006

Macy the dog

I met Macy the lost or abandoned dog, for the fourth time tonight while on my way to the supermarket to buy some cat food for Cinder & Co. She was curled up, sleeping soundly at the field (wet from the rain) next to the bus stop (where Cotton used to be). I poured a can of doggy food into a plastic bowl and crept softly up to her. She must be very tired as she did not sense my presence (I was only half a feet away). I called out to her gently and this shocked Macy. She woke up very suddenly, gave a loud bark and ran 15 feets away, staring at me. I got a shock too and left the bowl of food at where she was lying. Then I walked away and observed from a distance. She went back to investigate the bowl and ate the food. Macy then crossed the road to explore and returned to the field after 5 minutes. She laid down. I left as there was nothing more I could do. This is the only time I was able to get so close to her and feed her. I can only pray hard that she remains safe and sound and hunger-free. She has been loitering around my estate for the past 1 week already. I'll try to feed her if I see her again. If you happened to live around Tampines Street 81, pls do help to look out for Macy and feed her if possible.

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