Monday, April 17, 2006

We're looking for a happily ever after...

Hi folks, clearer pics of Velvet (courtesy of Vegancat) & Yoyo:

Name: Velvet
Age: Approx 4-5 months (will confirm with vet again)
Colour: Black
Gender: Male (sterilised)
Personality: Slightly nervous but getting used to be handled by human (more to be updated)
History: Recuperating & undergoing treatment for Rectal Prolapse

Name: Yoyo
Age: Approx 3 months
Colour: Black & White
Gender: Female (unsterilised, too young)
Personality: Curious, active & playful
History: Pelvis bone dislocated, surgery performed on 15 Apr, currently undergoing physiotherapy under TLC of G (temp foster mummy)

Both of them are looking for good and loving homes. Do you know of anyone who can give them a safe, warm & loving home after all the terrible & painful pasts? Please write to if you can give them a happily ever after...

* More updates coming soon *
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Zeus said...

Velvet and Yoyo are both very stunning kitties if I do say so! I hope they find good homes soon.