Sunday, April 16, 2006

Some updates...


Yoyo the limping frightened little black & white kitten was found lying in the middle of a path on 12 Apr, Wed night by G who has so kindly agreed to help me out. Yoyo was sent to the vet on the morning of 13 Apr, Thu and was diagnosed with bones around her pelvis being dislocated. We may never know what caused Yoyo's injury but we suspect she has been knocked or run over on that tiny leg of hers by some motor vehicles or even bicycles as she loiters near to a very busy carpark. Yoyo was warded for surgery on 15 Apr, Sat. Surgery fee is around S$800.00 and we badly needed sponsors who could assist to defray the expensive fee as Velvet's case is ongoing and G is nursing other sick/injured cats at home. So far there has been a few positive responses. We hope to receive more responses. If you have always wanted to help but do not know how or do not have the time, please consider helping out financially. Write me at to find out how you can help Yoyo on her road to recovery. Yoyo will be very grateful. * I will have the official receipts posted on this blog after consolidation and the sponsors named in the thank you note *

G sms-ed on 16 Apr at 6.15pm: "the surgery is a success & she can be discharged tomorrow, eating well too."

  • Velvet & Yoyo


    After his visit to the vet on 15 Apr

    Velvet returned to the vet on the morning Yoyo was warded. He had his sutures removed and his poo poo flushed from 5 days of constipation. Poor little boy. My heart ached to know he was in absolute discomfort in those 5 days. The very nice & professional vet reminded me that the next 3 days would be the "critical period" for Velvet. Velvet has to continue with the laxatives prescribed on 12 Apr to ease his bowel movement so he does not strain. Straining will cause a relapse of his condition. I was informed he should be able to defecate on his own by the 4th day without the aid of the laxatives. The vet asked me to be positive about Velvet's condition.

    I called Velvet's foster mummy this morning was given great news - Velvet pooped very well this morning (while on the laxatives)!!! I was so happy I nearly wanted to cry. What a relief after so many days of constant worrying. I hope he continues to show improvement. My next challenge is to find Velvet a permanent foster or good home where he no longer has to live as a stray. The vet has reminded me that chances of Velvet having a relapse would be greatly reduced if he has a good home to stay in forever. His condition is too delicate to survive as a stray. Sigh.

  • Poor Velvet
  • Velvet is not ready to go home
  • Kitten with rectal prolapse: Velvet


    Maomao is a very streetwise cat

    Also a very well-loved cat by most residents

    Maomao came to visit again yesterday morning. She was at my door (7th floor). Oh dear. I hope the neighbours have not seen her so far else they may go berserk. I have never brought her up nor feed her outside my unit. I always feed her at the void deck. I wonder why she keeps coming up nowadays. She is such a wonderful and affectionate cat I don't want any harm to come to her. I remembered an incident when I was very young an ex-neighbour tried to chase a cat who came up with a broom. In its extreme fright, the poor cat tried to escape by jumping off the 7th was all so sad. I wish nothing of this sort would happened again. For the record, I can't keep cats as my two canine family members are super anti-feline. They'll bark the house down upon sighting any cats. Also, my family will never agree. Anyone has any suggestion on what I can do to prevent Maomao from visiting? I know she is attached to me...

  • Oh Maomao!


    Ginny resurfaced after a very long time. He has a tipped left ear. Can't remember if he has the tipped ear the last time I saw him. Wonder where he went to all this while.


    Tubbs snoozing after dinner

    Cinder getting more comfortable with me

    Belle less nervous nowadays

    Pixie in good home now

    They're all still loitering around though appearances are not as reliable as Pixie was. Pixie was always there when I needed to find her. She has since gone to a good home.

  • Pixie: Happily ever after...


    I keep seeing this kitten resembling Twinkle hiding under a particular black car in the carpark. By the time I rushed down, the kitten is nowhere to be found. I suspect it could be Twinkle. I managed to run into the car owner one day and requested that he looks out for a small kitten who loves hiding under his car. I hope he remembers!


    Cookie at 9 months old now

    Cookie is experiencing her first heat! She is currently 9 months old and was adopted when she was around 2.5 months old as a very ill and frail puppy. She had very serious kennel cough (on the verge of developing pneumonia) and a tummy load of worms and it took her 2 months of TLC to recover. She is now a healthy, cheerful and playful girl. Will have her spayed after this first heat.

    Pics of Cookie when she was younger, at 2.5 months old:


    Bonnie Underfoot said...

    Such a mix of success and on-going improvements! Cookie's cute, for a woofy. You're an angel. No suggestions on discouraging Maomao from visiting, unless you let her meet your dogs or spray CatScat by your door! As for her collar, you could use broad elastic like for clothing. You sew the ends together to make a collar that fits MaoMao. If it gets caught, it will stretch and come off, but when she looses it, it's cheaper than buying collars. You can write contact info on the elastic in permanent marker, too. "Hi, I'm Maomao and I don't live with Celeste!" :-)

    Celeste Lock said...

    Hey bonnie underfoot, thanks for your very good suggestion on the collar - I will try that out!;-p
    Cookie says thanks for your very kind compliment about her being cute. = )

    Zeus said...

    What you are doing for these animals is amazing. I am very glad I came across your weblog as it is highly encouraging. If no one has ever said it, thank you for all you for our kind...and even those pesky canines as well!