Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is the medication for Velvet to help ease his constipation. Poor boy, must be a terrible feeling not being able to pass motion. I really hope that he'll feel better very soon after the medication. Will be following up with foster mummy on his condition. Coming on next is the removal of his sutures.

Separately, G (fellow caregiver) found Yoyo this evening. I am so relieved!!! I am so grateful to G for her kind support during this stress period of time for me. I hope to help her out on Yoyo once Velvet's condition stabilise. Thank you G, from the bottom of my heart.


Found Belle. Have not seen her for quite a while. Am so glad she is fine. She allowed me to go near her and I gave her a quick pat on her head and fed her dinner. I hope to sterilise her as soon as she has complete trust in me.


Maomao was around too. She waited for me at my doorstep for the past two mornings. Frequency of her coming up is getting higher. Am worried that neighbours might be unhappy.

Didn't manage to find Twinke the little tabby kitten. Hope it's safe and sound.

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