Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Eye, Ugly & Skinny

Maybe he has never felt the human touch but he has always wanted one. Every cat deserves love. From never knowing love to being loved... all lives recognise love when being loved. :)


Aoise said...

That was definitly luf at first site. I cud efen hear him purring. Poor sweetie. I hope he recovers and finds a luffing home.

jules said...

Yes, love does make the world go round, if only there is much more of it in this world, rather than just hatred, revenge, petty grudges, abuses and injustices.

Anonymous said...

That is SO sweet. But some of these feral strays are very difficult to bond with. Very shy or wary and a touch from you will elicit a yelp and a hiss!:o)