Sunday, November 25, 2007

An update on Snowy..

Please forgive me for the long absence. Been busy with Oren and some unexpected domestic occurrence. Sigh.

Oren is back to being himself once again. He has also regained his "chubby" status.

Now, it's back to our beautiful and brave Snowy.

* Snowy has put on weight!

* Her coat is beautifully light golden in colour after a nice loving shower by the Joyous angels.

* She has learn to believe that not all human beings are cruel. She is so manja and affectionate now she enjoys being cuddled. : )

* She still walks in circles. She'll probably remain like this given the impact of her injury. This will be a permanent reminder of her sad past.

* Snowy is still waiting patiently for her special someone. The very one who will love her unconditionally, wholeheartedly, responsibly, never forsake & care for her for the rest of her time on earth.

Both G and myself visit her weekly and spend some quality time with her. It is always a joy seeing her & the other furry patients. The last time we visited Snowy, she was sniffing, possibly down with slight flu.

Snowy has come such a long way. It has been almost 6 months from the faithful day (30 Jun 07) we rescued Snowy. To some, Snowy is just a cat. To all of us who care, she is a life.

We are very grateful to the angelic team at the clinic who has been so loving to Snowy. We want to especially thank Dr. H for her big heart. Without her, it would be impossible to continue caring physically, mentally & financially for Snowy for this long.

We are equally grateful to kind donors who have supported our efforts in financial aspect. I wish to update that the donations for Snowy will be exhausted soon. Details of her expenses and donations will be posted shortly.

We want to also thank fellow bloggers who helped spread words regarding Snowy and all who kept Snowy in their thoughts and prayers.

The journey has not been easy - from tears to laughter, from anxiety to relief, from despair to hope.. We would not have made it this far without all of you. Thank you for braving the storm with us and Snowy. We are finally seeing the rainbow emerging.. The full rainbow will appear the day Snowy meets her special someone. : )

Please pray with us, for Snowy to find her happily ever after. Let her story end beautiful. Let the rainbow appear full.


jules said...

Yes, Snowy warms my heart whenever i see her, such a beautiful, soft ball of fluff. I keep praying and hoping that she will find a good home...

EJ. said...

Glad that Snowy had recovered !
Beautiful girl, hope her forever loving home appear soon.

chinky said...

Snowy is posted here
ExtraOrdinary cats for ExtraOrdinary people