Friday, November 30, 2007

Cats on cars

Cats resting on cars is one of the most common complaints received.

Anyone has any suggestion how to prevent the cats from resting on cars?


jules said...

Yeah, i get very worried when i see cats resting on cars and will shoo them down. I am afraid people will start complaining and the poor cats' lives will be at stake. It's ironic how a piece of metal is so much more important to some than a warm, hot body full of life.

Chinky said...

We have to speak out against the unfair discrimination on "cats on cars" when birds, human vandals and trees get away with real damages on the paintwork.
Cats are part and parcel of the estate, as are the birds and trees. Anyone who treasures his or her car, jolly well get a car cover.
The only problem is that the silent majority does not know that some TC officers kill cats in response to such nonsensical complaint! So encourage your sensible neighbours to call up the TC officer to stop him or her from wasting the monthly conservancy fees!