Thursday, October 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Thanks for sharing our joy and for welcoming Oren back. * smile *

I saw him last night. He has lost a little weight.. oh well, quite a bit cos his face is not so pinch-able now. He looks weird in his shrunken frame. Haha. But rest assured he'll be chubby again in no time!

"Yum yum yum..."

He appeared very exhausted though and slept most time. He hasn't been sleeping well I believe or maybe he's too famished to sleep well. It actually pains my heart to know he starved almost a week.

"Interview later please. I need to catch up with my sleep k?"

Everybody who saw him fussed over him and ooh ahh-ed over his incredible adventure.. so much limelight! I think Nana felt neglected!

1 comment:

cat_aunty said...

Dear Oren, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't do this again!