Monday, July 02, 2007

Snowy - The Beginning

On 1 Jul, G and I sent Snowy, a nursing mother cat to Dr. A for emergency treatment. Our regular vet, Dr. H has no x-ray facility in her clinic.

Poor Snowy has been hit by a vehicle in Bedok. A fellow caregiver from G's area found her by chance in Bedok and brought her home on 30 Jun. Snowy had a brood of 5 young kittens with her then but the elderly malay lady can only cope with Snowy at that point in time (she perhaps had no carrier with her). When she returned later, the kittens were missing.

We understand Snowy was quite lifeless when they settled her at home. They thought she may not make it. On the following morning (1 Jul), Snowy started struggling. Mdm L, another caregiver contacted G and asked for assistance. G and I arranged to send Snowy to Dr A immediately.

Poor Snowy, in a carrier, waiting to be transported to the vet for emergency treatment.

Poor Snowy struggled hard to stand up but collapsed on every attempt. Our hearts broke each time she collapses. Deep in our hearts, G and I believe Snowy was struggling to brace herself up for her kittens - she must be very worried about them. We feel so sad and sorry. The malay lady will try to locate the young ones again.

Every collapse and moan from her breaks our heart. It was very painful for us to see her suffer.

Dr. A took two x-rays of Snowy and the diagnosis was that she was injured in the head, went into a shock and suffered concussion from the blow. This explains her inability to stand. Other than the head injury, Snowy is not hurt elsewhere. Dr. A administered an anti-shock jab for her. Snowy will have to be warded for observation. We sincerely hope she can get over the shock.

Snowy resting after her anti-shock jab.

Please join us in wishing Snowy speedy recovery and hopefully, for her to be reunited with her kittens she so loved.

If you happened to be in the vicinity of carpark near Blk 81 Bedok North, please help keep a lookout for Snowy's young kittens (unfortunately I do not have the kittens' description). Please call 97670958 if you see them. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hope Snowy has made good recovery progress today & her kittens are safe.

EJ. said...

Snowy, wishing you speedy recovery and good health.
Hope your kitties be found soon and safely be at your side.