Friday, June 23, 2006

THREE good news & ONE not-so-good news

FIRST good news. I saw Macy again on 21 Jun, Wed. She was lounging in the field next to the bus stop, still looking skinny. I met B, who was walking her dog P. I fed Macy her dinner. Chatted with B while waiting for Macy to finish her food. Heard from B she saw a man at the coffeeshop opposite the bus stop trying to hurt Macy by lifting a chair a few days before. I was so angry upon hearing this (I was swearing under my breath). Luckily Macy ran away in time. Didn't see her yesterday (22 Jun).

SECOND good news. G found Vera. Phew. I was so thrilled to know that Vera is safe.

THIRD good news - Tubbs has been sterilised! The not so good news - he did not spend the night at the malay family' - he was released the same day in the evening (21 Jun). Hmm.

M, the eldest daughter of the family told me they had to release Tubbs because he was banging his head against the cage non-stop in his bid for freedom. He didn't like to be confined. Worried that Tubbs may crack his head, M had to let him go. He couldn't stay indoor with them cos' if you recalled from my previous post on Tango, they have 3 extremely unfriendly cats at home. So freedom Tubbs got. Good to note though that M has been monitoring him. He is eating and drinking well. Looking alert too. I haven't seen him all of yesterday (22 Jun). Hope to see him today.

On the whole, 21 Jun was a good day.

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Geraldine said...

Very glad that Tubbs will no longer harass Hazel or the other 'girls' around ... :)