Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MISSING: Macy the dog & Vera the cat - Have you seen them?

I never saw Macy again after that faithful night of 14 Jun. Thoughts of her never left me. I wondered what had happened...perhaps I will never find out. I wrote an email to SPCA and AVA late afternoon yesterday to check if she has been picked up. So far, no news - is this good news? I don't know. I still look for her every night.

I couldn't find Maomao & Cinder on my way home last night - this is a very unusual situation. When G sms-ed me Vera's disappearance, I panicked. First thought that came to my mind - could they have been rounded up? I almost died panicking but fortunately for me, I managed to locate the two of them at eleven-ish o'clock the same night. I was darn relief! Not so fortunate for G though - she still couldn't locate Vera on her eleven-ish o'clock attempt. "So upset..." she sms-ed me. I could almost cry cos' that feeling was so familiar (when I lost Cotton in Nov 05).

Vera is a mute dark grey tabby sterilised female with white socks on her four paws. She loiters around the vicinity of Blk 895A Tampines Street 81. She was last seen on Sun night (18 Jun). If you are staying in that area and happened to know Vera's whereabout, please write me at Otherwise, would truly appreciate if you could help keep a lookout for a feline fitting the descriptions.

This is Casper checking me out from his bicycle basket. Casper resides near Vera - hope this little one remains safe & sound. Seeing him reminds me so much of Tango. Tango would have been around Casper's size & age if he had survived from the spinal problem.

On the other hand, Tubbs is due for his sterilisation this morning (21 Jun) at 10am. The malay family (who took care of lil' Tango) had volunteered to send him for the snip. Tubbs' recent swollen right eye made them (and me) very worried and they decided to curb his urge to fight by castrating him. Hope all goes well.

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