Friday, June 23, 2006

An eventful night.

Tonight is an eventful night.

Tubbs trying to clean his muddy chest caused by the rain.

Tubbs, officially sterilised. Wound looks fine.

Let me start off with Tubbs. Saw him for the first time after his sterilisation. He looks ok and is slightly more affectionate than usual. His surgery site looks fine as well. Maomao was with him. Fed him some food and left to meet G so that we could look for Macy and a new stray dog (yes, again - K sms-ed me in the evening to inform me about this new abandonee). I wonder when people would finally embrace true pet ownership.

After feeding Hazel (who was harassed by a tuxedo tom), we headed for the soccer field and were very lucky to spot Boy (the new stray) across the road. A friendly young adult (but wary of sudden movements) and will follow when called. Fed him a can of food which he ate only half. He was earlier fed two big cans by K and E. Poor boy, his ribs at both sides were readily visible. He must have been hungry for a long time. For tonight however, he felt full, almost to the point of puking.

Look at how skinny Boy is. Notice his ribs?

I called E who came (with a leash), followed by B (who came with home-cooked food) and then K. All five of us were trying to leash Boy in the next 45 mins. Met an uncle who told us Boy has been around for a couple of weeks! E played with Boy and he enjoyed the fun thoroughly. Boy gave chase to a cat who appeared all of a sudden and we all held our breath. Luckily, no hurt was done. Boy could play catch very well and knew how to "paw paw". It dawned on us that moment he belonged or used to belong to somebody. Was he lost or just heartlessly abandoned?

Boy with E.

E finally managed to leash Boy when Boy let his guard down and rested (after the vigorous play). He didn't struggle alot and was rather well-behaved. K and E had a hard time trying to contact people they know to see if a temporary foster home for Boy could be found (as we all could not foster him). Alas, there were none. In the end, K and E had no choice but to bring Boy back with them for the night. They promised to update us on any developments. B left with them. Me and G have no idea what would be the fate of Boy when the sun rises the next morning. We can only hope for the best. We didn't see Macy but I heard from my brother Macy was seen somewhere in the vicinity of Blk 802, 804, 805 and 811 in the late morning.

[Afternote: I received an sms from K on Sun 25 Jun to inform that Boy is currently safe at a shelter and will be taken care of by a volunteer in a few days' time. I will follow up and keep everyone updated on Boy.]

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auntie p said...

Well done! Glad for Boy that he is being taken care of for now.

Can you believe that my neighbour and I once saw a passing stray dog that was even skinnier than Boy? He was wary and quickly went away after eating some dog food. Poor dog.