Friday, April 07, 2006

Oh Maomao!

On 29th Mar, a very astonishing event occurred. Dear Maomao decided to pay me a visit at my unit! She came up unguided (7th floor)! She even knew which unit I'm in. Best part, she was certain I was in and kept calling for me. It was a Wednesday and I happened to be on study leave then. Don't you all find this amazing? = )

Maomao outside my door

Meow Meow!

Taking a lift down

Having her lunch

Yummy yummy...

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cat_aunty said...

Clever MaoMao! I think cats can locate us by our smell. Of course this knowledge comes with time. Mera went to my neighbour's place ( 9th floor ) only after a few years of feeding. Hat took one year.