Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hi folks. My mummy has been real busy with her studies. No time to play with me! My Queenie sis doesn't wanna play with me either - she said I'm too active for her. So I lie on mum's pillow most of the time. I hope mum finishes her exam soon so she can play with me. So bored! By the way, Velvet is still hospitalised but mum said she'll pick him up tonight.

~ Cookie


=^..^= said...

Be good, Cookie dear... and do be gentle with Velvet when she returns from the vet's, ok?

~5-Cat Style

CatDonna & Cats said...

Poor Cookie! My dog misses me too, he lives with my parents but he's closest to me.

Hope Velvet's recovering well.

I'm back! Thanks for your kind concern and encouragement. We're all doing well. Check out the update at CatDonna's Cats!

Celeste Lock said...

Velvet is not coming to stay with us. Mum says I'm too active and may injure him. Hmm. I'll try my best to be good, 5-Cat Style jie jie. Mum showed me Hazel & Fiver's pics CatDonna jie jie, they're cute! Say hello to them for me...I'm tired, going to sleep now. Nite!

~ Cookie