Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trapping Orange-Boy: FAILED

Sad to say, we failed to trap Orange-Boy last night. We spent 60 minutes trying to bait and coax him into the carrier.

Mistake no. one: Aunty Lucy should not have fed him earlier. Because he has been fed, food at the point of trapping became less appealing I suppose. Poor Ace - got scratched while trying to grab him. At the end of the fruitless 1 hour, we decided to shift our target to the other unsterilised cats in the vicinity, but, sigh - no sign of a single one.

Some pics of Mocha & Toffee:

Ace playing with Mocha

Ace with Toffee

Toffee busy with her food

Sharing without fighting. Amazing.


cat_aunty said...

Oh well, better luck next time!
How did Toffee get his name?

Celeste Lock said...

I named Mocha first cuz of her colour. Then Toffee just came to my mind and I just named her that. = )

cat_aunty said...

Har Toffee is a she ah? She looks like a tomcat leh. Must be a ta-jie then.

Celeste Lock said...

Yeh Toffee's a she but I agree she looked not so feminine. = )