Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pixie is bell-less AND collar-less!

DRATS! I was just happy a day or two before about Pixie being bell-less with her new collar. This evening, I found her not only bell-less but collar-less as well! The same thing happened to Maomao previously with her red collar (she still has her pink collar on this evening). Is there like some collar thief lurking aound??? Argh!


cat_aunty said...

Yes, there really is a collar thief around! It happened to my cats too! The collar would disappear from their necks after one day or so. Terribly frustrating.

Celeste Lock said...

Ya man. The 2 collars that went missing were those with the safety buckle feature. Pixie is now wearing one without and it is still there when I saw her last night (22 Jan 06). I wonder if it was the thief or if it was the safety feature that unbuckles easily...hmm.