Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New kids on the block

There seemed to be a flux of new feline entree around my estate recently. This reiterates a point that has been umpteen-ly reiterated - that frequent rounding up does not help combat stray issues. With the old ones gone, new ones just enter to replace the former. With Cotton, Muji and Sootie gone, the new players are now Pixie, Cinder and Garfield. Just this morning, another ginger cat decided to make her guest appearance (shall name her Ginny). And these new ones will continue appearing as long as irresponsible owners continue dumping or allow their domesticated unsterilised felines to roam freely. What many fail to comprehend is that it is only with long-term sterilisation program in place and public education about responsible pet ownership will we see an improvement in this issue - killing is just ain't the solution. Is this such a difficult concept to appreciate???

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