Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It was such a relief to spot Maomao tonight - she went missing in action for the past 48 hours. I realised I have became more paranoid these days, can't help it, especially after what happened to Cotton. Sigh, I still miss her so much. I wonder what has happened to her. By the way, I am still cursing whoever kidnapped her.

Saw Tootsie tonight and also discovered her hideout - in an aircon condenser compartment. Relatively a safe place, so long the damaged door is not replaced. Tootsie moves in and out through the lobang at the bottom of the door. I know this sounds strange but Tootsie seemed smaller.

Fed Pixie but no sign of Cinder. Last I saw him was on Sun. I hope he's doing ok.

Had a much needed haircut this evening. It was bad hair day every single day before this cut. Now my head feels lighter and my hair is now more managable.


vegancat said...

Lives of the community cats are so precarious that it amazes me to see each survives to greet me the next day. They are not wanted anywhere where human are. Car parks - blamed for scratches. In void deck - blamed for irresponsible feeding mess and sometimes for dog poo. In playground - blamed for putting children at risk. Near coffeeshop - blamed for coffeeshop not getting the OK label.
Yes the heart aches when they vanish.

Celeste Lock said...

Yes I agree and this is a sad fact. These community cats are just trying to survive each day but we humans have to make their lives more difficult.