Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pixie II

Pixie II was my post christmas find - so named because she reminds me very much of Pixie the young kitten I last saw in early August. There are two possibilities as to why she has been collared. She could either be somebody's pet or she is under the care of a caregiver around my estate. She was meowing away when I saw her down at my block. I approached her slowly with the dry cat food on my palm outstretched but clearly, she's very wary of human. She darted away immediately but kept me in view. I decided to leave the food at a corner, walked away and stood by a corner to observe. She ate the food! I was heartened. I tried approaching but she darted away each time but always return to the food. It must have been my perseverance that she finally understood I was not going to harm her. She eventually allowed me to touch her. I had her collar adjusted to give more room just in case I don't get to see her again. I have this very strong hunch that Pixie II is actually Pixie. She should be about this size now. Besides, her markings are similar to Pixie's. Somebody must have adopted her - that explains the disappearance and her collar! But why is she loitering at the void deck tonight?

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